Eric Konnert, tambour bata et percussions   

Eric Konnert / bata drum and percussions

Studied traditional percussions in the class of Christian Nicolas at
Conservatoire de Musique in Argenteuil (near Paris). He has a degree
in music section Afro-Cuban percussions (West Africa). He supervises
workgroups of percussions at MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture)
in Fresnes (near Paris), master classes as assistant to Christian Nicolas
and Karuka Afro-Cuban training courses. Teaches percussions at different
institutes of music near Paris (Limours, Bagneux and Rungis) and Afro-
Cuban percussions at Cité de la Musique in Paris. He plays with different
ensembles such as funk brass band QSV, Babacar y su Sabor International
(charangua), Oxmo Puccino, Shuba K (funk), Tropicadero (sega maloya).
Takes part in recordings with bands QSV, Sega Tremblad, Dean Paps, rap
group ADM or Oxmo Puccino and that of Babacar Sambe.


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