Julien Chirol, composition et direction de l'orchestre   

Julien Chirol / composition and leading

Born (1973) and educated in Paris, he attended different conservatoires
in the suburbs of Paris, studying piano, oboe, trombone and music writing.
He attended the Paris Conservatoire where he studied jazz and
improvisation under the direction of François Jeanneau. He soon found
out he was cut out for composition and his interest in traditional and
Afro-American music was reinforced.
For ten years now he has divided his time between interpretation,
recording, composition, arrangement, realization of albums, production
and teaching. He has been working with artists such as Jane Birkin, Feist,
Camille, Michel Portal, Sergent Garcia, Angélique Kidjo, Henri Salvador,
M, Charles Aznavour, Raul Paz, Le Sacre du Tympan (awarded Victoire du
Jazz in 2006), the Orchestre de la Boule Noire or live at The Opéra de
Paris in Perelà by Pascal Dusapin...
His compositions and arrangements can be heard on some of the albums
of the above mentioned artists and in the sound tracks of films made for
television or the cinema. He is currently teaching at the Paris
Conservatoire in the 20th district.
Having toured throughout the world, he has established strong relations
with artists and musicians in the United States and in particular has made
friends with the American composer Jesse Harris. He is currently working
with him on different projects as a composer and a producer.
He has been several times to Cuba and has developed such great
relationships with Cuba-based musicians and composers that in 2005
he committed himself to the composition of an original piece inspired by
Afro-Cuban traditional music entitled "Anya".

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